Randall Graphite Bearings, Inc. (Specimen)

Randall Graphite Bearings, Inc. (Specimen)
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Stock Certificate, specimen
Mid 1900's
Northern Bank Note Company
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In 1918 Randall Graphite, Inc. was incorporated as a Delaware Corporation doing business in Chicago, Illinois.

In the mid-1930s Randall developed the graphite lubricated Pillow Blocks and began a growth cycle that continued until the end of World War II. The use of graphite to supplement oil in the lubrication of sleeve bearings had become the norm and Randall needed more room if growth was to continue.

In 1949 Randall purchased the assets of Shook Bronze in Lima, Ohio and moved all manufacturing from Chicago to Lima. The name of the company was changed to Randall Graphite Bearings, Inc. This move provided Randall with a sand and centrifugal foundry and another growth period followed.

In 1965 the name was changed to Randall Bearings, Inc. Randall remained a strong force in the Bronze Bearing industry throughout the 1970s and continued to grow and prosper.

The early 1980s were difficult years for American foundries and Randall made the decision in 1985 to close all foundry operations and to concentrate on improving the machining end of the business.IL-Illinois Manufacturing and Production Specimen Pieces Bird Featured Eagle Featured

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