Royal National Bank of New York

Royal National Bank of New York
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The Royal National Bank of New York was originally established in 1925 as the Royal Industrial Bank. The company went through a number of changes over the next 80 years as a result of the relentless consolidation of New York’s banking industry:

1954 - Name changed to the Royal State Bank of New York

1962 - Converted to the Federal Royal National Bank of New York.

1963 - Acquired by the Merger Gotham Bank.

1969 - Acquired by merger with the United Bank and Trust Company.

1972 - Merged with the Federal Security National Bank.

1975 - Merged with State Chemical Bank.

1996 - Name changed to the Chase Manhattan Bank.

2004 - Converted to Federal JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association.NY-New York Finance and Related Banks and Credit Unions Under $10 Company Logo Featured

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