Air Reduction Company, Incorporated

Air Reduction Company, Incorporated
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Air Reduction Company, Incorporated
This company was incorporated in 1916 for the purpose of marketing and producing high-purity oxygen.

The company grew rapidly and diversified through acquisition in the 1920s, entering the carbon dioxide business with the purchase of the Compressed Carbonic Company and an interest in the Pure Carbonic Company. They then entered the calcium carbide business with the purchase of National Carbide.

In the 1930s focus turned to CO2 related companies and the purchase of the American Dry Ice Corporation. This would become an integral part of the companys revenues as the CO2 was used to preserve perishable food and carbonate soft drinks.

The 1940s brought an entry into the medical gases field with the purchase of the Ohio Chemical and Manufacturing Company (later known as Anaquest and Ohmeda).

The 1960s brought even more growth through acquisition, as the Speer Carbon Company and Hoffman Labs Cryogenic Equipment Company were added to the fold. In 1966, the name of the company was officially changed to Airco and a joint venture was announced with British Oxygen.

In 1978, British Oxygen purchased Airco, completing an acquisition process that had begun about 5 years earlier.

Certificate: Common Stock, issued in the 1970s

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