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Some important dates in Phillips history include:

1905 -- Phillips brothers hit first of 81 wells in a row without a single dry hole.

1917 -- Company founded, first gas liquids plant opens.

1922 -- Phillips forms the predecessor of what today is Duke Energy Field Services.

1923 -- Company wins first patent on process for recovering natural gasoline from natural gas.

1927 -- Phillips begins marketing gasoline through first of more than 10,000 service stations. New lighter, more efficient Phillips aviation fuel powers first flight between U.S. and Hawaii.

1928 -- Phillips develops first aviation refueling trucks.

1929 -- Phillips first to develop and market propane for home heating and cooking.

1930 -- Phillips produces and sells first gasoline designed to match seasonal conditions.

1931 -- Phillips builds first long-distance multi-product pipeline.

1940 -- Phillips invents HF Alkylation process making high-octane gasoline possible.

1944 -- Phillips first to produce "cold" synthetic rubber that is superior to natural rubber.

1947 -- Phillips drills first well out of sight of land, opening offshore production.

1951 -- Phillips invents polyethylene plastics. Phillips researchers discover polypropylene and develop a new process to produce high-density polyethylene.

1952 -- Phillips is the first U.S. oil company approved by the U.S. Department of the Interior to drill in Alaska.

1954 -- Phillips develops and introduces first all-season motor oil.

1955 -- Phillips sets record for farthest offshore well drilled to date -- 40 miles.

1958 -- Wham-O Manufacturing began production of the Hula-Hoop™ using the Phillips plastic, Marlex™ .

1960 -- Phillips invents anti-icing additive for jet fuels.

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