Seatrain Lines, Inc.

Seatrain Lines, Inc.
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Seatrain utilized large cranes to load specially-designed ships with railroad cars for transshipment to Cuba and Texas. Seatrain started its New Jersey presence in 1941 with a pier on the Hoboken Manufacturer's, adjacent to the engine facility. After World War II, Seatrain moved operations to Edgewater, on the Susquehanna. However, Seatrain kept a presence in Hoboken until its bankruptcy in 1979. Towards the end of its life, Seatrain shifted from railroad equipment transport to containerized transport, a technique that is well-known today. This relegated its specially-designed ships to retirement.NJ-New Jersey Maritime and Related Shipping Lines Dry Docks and Shipyards Allegorical Featured Allegorical Mercury Train Featured Ship Featured

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