Fuhrmann & Schmidt Brewing Company

Fuhrmann & Schmidt Brewing Company
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Fuhrmann & Schmidt Brewing Company
The original Fuhrmann and Schmidt Brewery was called the Eagle Run Brewery. Eagle Run began operations in 1854. The brewery was operated in primitive fashion by Gottlieb Fritz. Eagle Run is the name of a small stream of water that empties its content into the Shamokin creek. A firm by the name of Markle and Schweibenz is also listed as a one time operator of Eagle Run. Martin Markle, the senior partner of Markle and Schweibenz, on Dec.1st 1871, became the sole operator of Eagle Run. In 1896 P.H. Fuhrmann and Max Schmidt, whose experience in beer business had been extensive, came into posession of the brewery. The maximum output of the plant at the time was 9,000 barrels per year.

The proprietors of Eagle Run brewery bought the property of the defunct Shamokin Brewing Company that was located on Harrison Street when it was sold during bankruptcy proceedings. Eagle Run brewery at the height of its glory in 1905 was destroyed by fire and never rebuilt. In 1906 the brewery was incorporated under the name of The Fuhrmann & Schmidt Brewing Company, of which Mr. Fuhrmann was president and moved to the Shamokin brewery site. Fuhrmann and Schmidt produced many different brands. Their own brands included F & S Ale, beer, bock, porter and half and half. The Fuhrmann & Schmidt brewery enjoyed the reputation of having a pure, wholesome product.

In March of 1966, Henrey Ortleib of Philadelphia bought the Fuhrmann and Schmidt brewery. Although ownership was transferred to Henry F. Ortleib, the local firm continued to operate as the F & S brewery under the same management that previously guided the firm. The brewery stopped operations in the early spring of 1976, with hopes of reopening. But a fire gutted a good portion of the building. After this there was no hope of ever reopening. The Fuhrmann & Schmidt brewery of Shamokin is now with Eagle Run, just a piece of history.

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