Norwich-Pharmacal Company

Norwich-Pharmacal Company
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Rev. LaFayette F. Moore, a Baptist minister, gave up parish work and entered the business world with a pill cutter and gelatin coating machine. He rented one room over a carpenter shop on Mitchell Street, Norwich, NY. The business was then named L. F. Moore, Pill Manufacturer.

He obtained much of his raw materials on credit from T. D. Miller’s drug store in Norwich. Oscar G. Bell, a clerk in that store, vouched for Rev. Moore, subsequently borrowing to pay Rev. Moore’s outstanding bill. A partnership was formed in 1886, under the name Moore & Bell. The year 1887 saw changes in that Rev. Moore left the business and Oscar G. Bell took over the business, operating under the name The Norwich Pharmacal Company.

Around 1901 the Company acquired "Mixture Cholera Infantum" from the doctor who developed it as a home-made formula. This was for the treatment of "diarrhea cholera", a serious threat to young children. Adults also found the formula provided relief of indigestion and diarrhea. The Company renamed the formula "Bismolsal" in 1918, and a year later it was named "Pepto-Bismol." The Company produced the formula initially in 20-gallon wooden tubs, and retained the famous pink color.

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