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In late 1955, Matty Fox acquired TV rights to the RKO film library on behalf of C & C Television Corporation, a division of Cantrell and Cochrane (C & C Soda). C & C owned the short subjects outright, but didn't own theatrical rights to the features in the U.S. and Canada. C & C could not broadcast the films in markets where General Teleradio, the owners of RKO, owned stations.

C & C Television removed all traces of RKO from the films and introduced the name Movie Time USA. The films were provided free of charge or for a nominal fee in return for free advertising time. In other words, the point was to sell soda.

C & C was reformed in June 1958 as Television Industries, Inc. In May 1966, the company changed names again to Trans-Beacon Corporation. The company went bankrupt in 1971. The library of RKO films was auctioned off to United Artists.

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