National Tea Company, Issued to Bear Stearns

National Tea Company, Issued to Bear Stearns
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Based in Chicago, the first National Tea store opened in 1899. Number of locations peaked in 1929 at 1,627. Consolidation had reduced this number to 883 by 1957. During the 1950s, National acquired numerous chains including:

C.F. Smith Stores (St. Louis)
Northwest Piggly Wiggly
G.T. Smith's Market Basket
Dale Supermarkets
Food Center stores (selected locations)
Capital Stores (Baton Rouge)
Ashton's (Gulfport)
H.A. Smith (Memphis)
Montag's (Memphis)
Maker's (Michigan)
Illinois Valley Stores (selected locations)
Devan's (Mobile AL)
Logan's (Nashville TN)
Council Oak Stores (MN)

National Tea was acquired by Loblaw Companies of Canada in 1955. In the 1970s, Loblaw started divesting unprofitable stores, starting with 250 Chicago, Syracuse, and California stores in 1976. Indianapolis was sold in 1982, Minneapolis in 1983, and all remaining assets by 1995.IL-Illinois Retail and Related Supermarkets Under $10 Bear Stearns Allegorical Featured Allegorical Prosperity Farming Scene Industrial Scene

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