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Blount Canada Ltd. has its origins in Portland, Oregon U.S.A. where logger Joe Cox designed and patented a cutter for a saw chain that led to a revolution in woodcutting. He had observed timber beetle larvae and marveled at the efficiency of the little creature's twin cutters.

Thus inspired, he set about modifying a C -shaped cutter and tremendously increased the cutting efficiency of the chain saw. This new design of cutter, lead to the founding of the Oregon Saw Chain Company in 1947 in a modest basement shop. Cox's invention and the establishment of his company, had a profound impact on commercial and later, consumer saw chain users.

In 1956, the company was renamed OMARK and the company continued to manufacture woodcutting products under Oregon® brand name.

In 1985, Omark Industries, was purchased by the Blount International Inc., of Montgomery, Alabama. Then in August 1999, Blount merged with an affiliate of Lehman Brothers Merchant Banking Partners, the 88th largest U.S. company on the Fortune 500 list.

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