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Clevite Corporation
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The Clevite Corporation was formed by the 1952 merger of the Cleveland Graphite Bronze Corporation and the Brush Development Company. Brush, in the 1930s, manufactured the first electronically amplified phonograph elements using Rochelle salt bimorphs and, in the late 1940s, marketed commercial piezoelectric quartz crystals produced by a hydrothermal process. Also, in the late 1940s, Brush manufactured the first commercial magnetic tape recorders. In the mid 1960s, there were efforts to develop consumer filters for AM radios, especially automobile radios, but cost goals were not met. However, beginning about 1967, development efforts turned to 10.7-MHz coupled-mode ceramic filters for FM automobile radios. The resulting filter design consisted of a ceramic wafer with two acoustically isolated coupled-mode filter sections and a coupling capacitor, which was deposited on an unpoled region of the wafer. A large quantity of the filters was delivered to Philco-Ford starting in 1970. Previously, Gould Inc. had bought Clevite and then turned around and sold the Piezoelectric Division to Vernitron in 1970. These moves effectively terminated the promising filter program initiated by Clevite.

Clevite also manufactured nuclear fuel for the Atomic Energy Commission (which is quite a departure from FM automobile radio filters!), including high-enriched uranium fuel for the U.S. Navy and AEC research reactors, as well as thorium products. Clevite conducted licensed operations under five licenses from 1956 to 1963. Special Nuclear Material (SNM) License No. SNM-00183, issued to Clevite in March 1958, authorized the use and possession of enriched uranium at the East 105th Street facility in Cleveland. This site was eventually named one of 50 problematic sites where remedial action was warranted because of the presence of residual radioactive material in excess of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission's unrestricted use criteria.

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