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Founded in the 1880s by Benjamin Dillingham to build a railroad across the swamps of Oahu (in conjunction with Dillingham’s Oahu Land and Railway Company), Dillingham became a leading engineering and construction firm, building dams, airfields, high-rise offices, hotels and embassies around the world -- including San Francisco's Embarcadero One, the Hyatt at Union Square and the Wells Fargo Building.

Dillingham also dredged the main channel into Pearl Harbor in 1909 and helped repair the Bay Bridge after the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Dillingham joined a consortium to build air bases on islands captured from the Japanese.

Dillingham Corporation was actually a merger of a number of Dillingham’s companies, including the Oahu Land and Railway Company, the Hawaiian Dredging Company and Hawaiian Bitumuls.

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