American Commonwealths Power Corporation

American Commonwealths Power Corporation
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The American Commonwealths Power Company grew into a huge conglomerate of utility companies before falling into receivership in 1932. At itís height the company owned the Community Power and Light Company (which owned utilities in Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Texas and New Mexico), Union Gas Utilities Inc. (which owned a variety of gas companies in Kansas and Oklahoma) and the American Gas and Power Company (which owned a number of utilities in Maine, Georgia, Florida and Minnesota.) The company was also invested in the American Superpower Corporation and the United Light and Power Company.

Grand Rapidís Frank Hulswit, who took over as the company President in 1927 was responsible for the companyís dynamic growth. However, the great depression decimated many a utility holding company, including American Commonwealths Power, and ACP was never able to fully recover. Hulswit died in 1933, falling to his death from a 5th floor New York City hotel room while trying to repair a radio antenna positioned outside his window. MI-Michigan Utility Companies Electric Companies Gas Companies Holding Companies Allegorical Featured Industrial Scene Multiple Scenes

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