Signal Oil and Gas Company

Signal Oil and Gas Company
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Samuel B. Mosher founded Signal Oil and Gas, which in the 1950ís, was the largest independent oil company on the West Coast. A significant and major company in its day, Signal Oil in addition to its own operations, owned 15% of American Independent Oil and nearly 50% of American President Shipping Lines.

Signal merged with the Garrett Corporation in 1964. The combined company adopted The Signal Companies as its corporate name in 1968.

In 1985, the company became Allied-Signal as a result of a merger with Allied Chemical & Dye, which had merged with the Bendix Corporation two years earlier.

The Allied-Signal name was changed to AlliedSignal (without the hyphen) in 1993 to reinforce a one-company image and signify the full integration of all of its businesses. In 1999, AlliedSignal acquired Honeywell and took its more-recognizable name.TX-Texas Oil Companies Gas Stations Allegorical Featured Allegorical Columbia Cherub Subject Flag Featured

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