Hektograph Manufacturing Company

Hektograph Manufacturing Company
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The Hektograph Manufacturing Company was incorporated in New York, with offices in Manhattan on Murray Street.

In the hektograph process, which was introduced in 1876 or shortly before, a master was written or typed with a special aniline ink. The master was then placed face down on a tray containing gelatin and pressed gently for a minute or two, with the result that most of the ink transferred to the surface of the gelatin. Gelatin was used because its moisture kept the ink from drying. Copies were made by using a roller to press blank papers onto the gelatin. Each time a copy was made, some ink was removed from the gelatin, and consequently successive copies were progressively lighter. In practice, up to fifty copies could be made from one master.NY-New York Media Companies Printing Companies Under $10 Bird Featured Eagle Featured

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