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Inflight Motion Pictures, Inc.

Inflight Motion Pictures, Inc.
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Inflight Motion Pictures, Inc.
David Flexer (whose printed signature appears on this certificate) studied the systems and decided that the basic works of the Kodak Pageant projector system were the best available. He formed a company called Inflight Motion Pictures, Inc. and engineered an aircraft projection system that adapted that Kodak projection mechanism and fit it into a shallow ceiling area of an aircraft interior. To avoid the dilemma of changing 3 or 4 16mm film reels during a movie presentation, Flexer spliced all the film together and put it on giant 26" diameter reels. Films were normally run in a vertical reel fashion, but he opted for a ceiling mounted horizontal feed and take-up reel system. The technique was ingenious, and it worked relatively well.

TWA was the first airline in the world to commit to Flexer's innovation. They truly walked away with the title of being the first airline in the world to show movies on regularly scheduled service. The jet era was then beginning. The Boeing 707 was flying, the DC-8 was introduced, and the speed champion Convair 880 was introduced. These were heady times. Today, trivia and movie buffs alike confirm that in 1961 TWA was the first real exhibitor of inflight movies. That first movie was the relatively risqué (for that day) "By Love Possessed" starring Lana Turner and Efram Zimbalist, Jr.

Despite film breaks and mechanical problems, the Inflight Motion Pictures systems were working. Stories are told about unsuspecting mechanics who, while carrying the large, heavy, and cumbersome movie reels onboard the aircraft, were blown off the boarding stairs when high winds suddenly caught the oversized surfaces of the reel cases.

Certificate: Common Stock, issued in the 1970’s

Printer: Security-Columbian Bank Note Company

Dimensions: 8” (h) x 12” (w)

State: DE-Delaware

Subject Matter: Motion Pictures

Vignette Topic(s): Stylized Modern | Art and Entertainment

Condition: Vertical fold lines, punch hole and machine cancels in the signature areas and body.

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