Mt. Penn Speedway and Boulevard Company

Mt. Penn Speedway and Boulevard Company
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Stock Certificate, unissued/uncanceled
Early 1900's
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This company was incorporated in Pennsylvania in 1902, with offices in Reading. The Mt. Penn Speedway and Boulevard Company was chartered to construct a road 3 miles long from Hessian Camp half way to Mt. Penn.

The Reading Eagle reported the following in regard to the formation of the company:

"It was a road, to be three miles in length, extending from the Hessian Camp about halfway up the mountain, or where the Boulevard makes the turn before going up to the flagpole, then extending along the entire length of the mountain perfectly straight, back of the Button St. reservoir to McKnight's Gap, terminating at the farm of Herman Petach." It was to be 50 feet in width and cost about $10,000 per mile...the capitalization of the Corporation as noted on the certificate was 3000 shares of Capital Stock at $10 per share for a total of $30,000. For half a mile the width would be 100 feet wide "so horsemen can speed their horses as fast as they feel disposed".

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