Clark Equipment Credit Corporation (Specimen)

Clark Equipment Credit Corporation (Specimen)
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Bond Certificate, specimen
Late 1900's
American Bank Note Company
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Clark's predecessor was the George R. Rich Manufacturing Company, founded in 1903 in Chicago, Illinois by executives of the Illinois Steel Company. The company moved to Buchanan, Michigan in 1904 when that city's chamber of commerce advertised a financially sound deal with respect to industrial rent and power supply.

Eugene B. Clark, an Illinois Steel employee at the time, determined that the metallurgy of Rich Manufacturing's principal product, a railroad rail drill named the Celfor Drill, was faulty, and also found fault with both the management and basic operations, which he ultimately corrected after the condition of him becoming an equal partner was established.

In 1916 he merged Rich Manufacturing, which by then had been renamed Celfor Tool, and Buchanan Electric Steel Company, an offshoot of the former, and formed Clark Equipment Company, named after Mr. Clark.

In 1919 a division called Clark Tructractor Company was formed. This still exists as Clark Material Handling Company. From the 1920s until the 1960s, Clark made many acquisitions and continued to grow as a company, but in the 1960s and again in the 1980s, many were sold. In 1995, Clark was acquired by Ingersoll Rand. At the time of the sale, the Clark Equipment Company designed, manufactured, and sold industrial trucks, tractors, and motor vehicle parts as well as construction machinery and equipment. The company's products, included skid-steer loaders, construction machinery, transmissions for on-highway trucks and axles, and transmissions for off-highway equipment.MI-Michigan Building and Construction Heavy Equipment Specimen Pieces Under $10 Company Logo Featured

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