Detroit Edison Company (Specimen)

Detroit Edison Company (Specimen)
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Bond Certificate, specimen
Late 1900's
American Bank Note Company
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Detroit Edison was founded in 1903 and was part of a large holding company called North American Edison Company. North American Edison's stock had once been one of the twelve component stocks of the May 1896 original Dow Jones Industrial Average. The company was broken up by the Securities and Exchange Commission, following the United States Supreme Court decision of April 1, 1946.

After that Detroit Edison operated independently, and publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange, under the ticker symbol DTE through the mid 1990s. In early 1996, it became an operating subsidiary of the new holding company, DTE Energy Company, which replaced Detroit Edison Company on the stock exchange, and took over the trading ticker symbol.MI-Michigan Utility Companies Electric Companies Under $10 Specimen Pieces Bird Featured Eagle Featured

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