Natomas Company (Specimen)

Natomas Company (Specimen)
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Formed in 1851, Natomas Company activities started in the Folsom area of California in 1857 with the acquisition of 9,000 acres from the Joseph L. Folsom estate.

Early partners engaged in water, granite quarrying, agriculture, vineyards, gold mining, hydro-electric power and helped build Folsom Prison and historic Folsom Powerhouse. After 1900, Natomas began gold dredging operations. Estimates are that one hundred million dollars in gold were taken from this Folsom field. The last of seven working dredgers was dismantled in 1962 and sent to South America.

Natomas once owned nearly all of present day Folsom and Rancho Cordova, and the Natomas area of Sacramento. It operated a flourishing vineyard (at the time said to be the largest in the United States) on land that would ultimately be part of the Aerojet holdings. Natomas also managed orchards and ranchlands, which formed a major part of Rancho Cordova's agricultural heritage, preservationists said.

Around 1920, the Natomas Company of California (NCC) formed four water companies to deliver appropriated water from the Sacramento River to the lands in area known as the American Basin. These companies were the Natomas Elkhorn Mutual Water Company, the Natomas Riverside, the Natomas Central and the Natomas Northern Mutual Water Company.

In 1965, Natomas merged with American President Lines, a passenger and cargo shipping line based at the Port of Los Angeles. In 1983, Natomas merged with Diamond Shamrock.

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Certificate: Common Stock Certificate, specimen, 1970s

Printer: Security-Columbian / United States Bank Note Company

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State: CA-California

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