Four Wheel Drive Auto Company

Four Wheel Drive Auto Company
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Four Wheel Drive Auto Company
The Four Wheel Drive Auto Company (FWD) sold its first car in 1911. The company was formed in the US, by Zachow and Besserdich, and the latter was subsequently involved in setting a company that took its name from the town of Oshkosh and manufactured 4x4 trucks. FWD supplied 4x4 trucks to both the British and US armies during World War One. In 1920 the company decided to enter the field with a factory converted rail truck. It was a standard truck with minimal changes. This allowed other FWD chassis to be converted locally. On the other hand, when the railroads got better equipment or got tired of the bone jarring ride or unreliability under this strenuous use, they could be reconverted to road use. By 1924, FWD was out of the business of making motor cars but continued making trucks and buses.

Certificate: Capital Stock, issued in the 1940s

Printer: American Bank Note Company

Dimensions: 8 (h) x 12 (w)

State: WI-Wisconsin

Subject Matter: Auto Makers | Truck Makers | Bus and Trolley Makers

Vignette Topic(s): Allegorical Featured | Industrial Scene | Company Logo Featured

Condition: Vertical fold lines, punch hole cancels in the signature areas and body and some toning from age.

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