Sullivan Falls Tow Boat Company

Sullivan Falls Tow Boat Company
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Sullivan, located in Hancock County, Maine, is situated on the eastern side of Taunton Bay, an extensive inlet of Frenchman's Bay. Within the limits of the town are eight islands, named Capital A., Bean's, Drum, Preble's, Bragdon, Burnt, Black, and Seward.

Sullivan, while a plantation, was called New Bristol. The Indian name was Waukeag, their name for the seal. Settlements were commenced in 1762, by Sullivan, Simpson, Bean, Gordon, Blaisdell and Card. The township had been granted to David Bean and associates in 1761, by the colonial government of Massachusetts, but the King refusing to confirm the grant, the settlers were in 1803 confirmed in the possession of 100 acres each by Massachusetts on the payment of $5. The town was incorporated in 1789 under the name of Sullivan in honor of one of the original settlers.

Sullivan Falls is a reversing tidal falls between Sullivan Harbor and Taunton Bay.ME-Maine Maritime and Related

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