Buffalo Steam Pump Company

Buffalo Steam Pump Company
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Buffalo Pumps, Inc. began as the Buffalo Steam Pump Company (originally incorporated in 1848), and started as a supplier of single and double-piston pumps. Manufacturing expanded into centrifugal pumps during the early 1900ís. The Buffalo Steam Pump Company was purchased by the Buffalo Forge Company during the 1930ís. It became the Buffalo Pumps Division, and experienced strong growth during the 1940ís. In 1979, Ampco-Pittsburgh Corporation acquired Buffalo Forge Company and its divisions. Subsequently, the Buffalo Pumps Division continued growth in its OEM and marine markets, and in 1985, the company became Buffalo Pumps, Inc. Buffalo Pumps, Inc. is currently a subsidiary of Ampco Pittsburgh Corporation located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.NY-New York Manufacturing and Production Animal Featured Buffalo Featured

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