Borden, Inc. (Specimen)

Borden, Inc. (Specimen)
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Borden Milk Products LP was founded in 1856 by Gail Borden and is most famous for it condensed milk line. The company’s mascot, Elsie the Cow, has been an American icon for many years.

Today’s Borden is a diversified producer of pasta (including Catelli, Classico, Creamette, and other brands), snacks (Wise, Moore's, Quinlan), and bouillon and dry soup (Wyler's); consumer adhesives (Elmer's, Krazy Glue); and formaldehyde, resins, coatings, and other industrial chemicals. Following an overly aggressive consumer products acquisition drive from 1986 to 1991, the company ran up huge losses in 1992 and 1993 primarily because it had accumulated a scattered collection of unintegrated brands--many of them of the minor variety. Borden was consequently taken private in March 1995 when investment firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. (KKR) paid $2 billion for the company. Under KKR's guidance, Borden subsequently underwent a major restructuring, shedding numerous brands--including Cracker Jack, Eagle Brand, Cremora, and ReaLemon--and entire businesses, including the dairy business upon which the company was founded, its global packaging unit, its consumer wallcoverings business, and the Borden Foods cheese business. As one of the oldest and most widely known companies in the United States--a company best known through most of its history as a dairy company--Borden has undergone a 1990s transformation that has been particularly dramatic.

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Certificate: Common Stock, specimen, late 1900’s

Printer: Security-Columbian / United States Bank Note Company

Dimensions: 8” (h) x 12” (w)

State: NJ-New Jersey

Subject Matter: Famous Companies | Food and Drink | Specimen Pieces

Vignette Topic(s): Distinguished Gentlemen | Company Logo Featured

Condition: No fold lines, punch hole cancels in signature areas and body, very crisp.

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