Foxmeyer Health Corporation (Specimen)

Foxmeyer Health Corporation (Specimen)
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Stock Certificate, specimen
Late 1900's
American Bank Note Company
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At one time, Foxmeyer was the second-largest wholesale drug distributor in the United States. The company functions through two operating units, FoxMeyer Corporation and Ben Franklin Retail Stores, Inc., a chain of general variety stores. In 1986, FoxMeyer was acquired by National Intergroup, Inc., a holding company created by National Steel Corporation to facilitate the entry into businesses other than steel and aluminum production. During the ensuing decade, the steel and aluminum properties were divested, leaving the former steel giant with FoxMeyer as its chief revenue source. In 1994, FoxMeyer Corporation and National Intergroup, Inc. merged, creating FoxMeyer Health Corporation.

In 1996, the McKesson Corporation acquired the ailing drug unit of the Foxmeyer Health Corporation, to expand its United States pharmaceutical distribution business.

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