Union Electric Company (Specimen)

Union Electric Company (Specimen)
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Late 1900's
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In 1902 in St. Louis, Missouri, the Union Company was organized as the first incarnation of Union Electric Company. In 1904 Union Electric Company built the 36,000 kW coal-fired Ashley Street Plant in downtown St Louis, Missouri to provide steam heat to downtown St. Louis. At the time, it was the main source of electricity in St. Louis and it is still in operation today. The Ashley Street Plant converted to oil in 1972. In 1904 it powered The Palace of Electricity's electric lights at the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis.

By 1906 Union Electric Company was a publicly-traded stock and began to pay a cash dividend to shareholders, which it continued to pay every year since without interruption until the 1997 merger. In 1909 Union Electric began selling electric cars in the automobile business, and became the St. Louis agent for Studebaker and Rauch & Lang automobiles.

In 1919, the Shubert-Jefferson Theatre in the Union Electric building hosted a post-war national caucus, in which the American Legion was born.

By 1929 Union Electric Company became a subsidiary holding company of the North American Company, which had once been one of the original stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Union Electric subsidiaries at the time within the North American pyramid included Union Electric Light and Power (Missouri) and Union Electric Light and Power of Illinois.

In 1929 the Bagnell Dam was completed on the Osage River and generated almost 175 megawatts of hydroelectricity for Union Electric, along with creating the Lake of the Ozarks with 1,400 miles of shoreline.

The North American Company was broken up by the Securities and Exchange Commission, following the United States Supreme Court decision of April 1, 1946. The Union Electric Company was then divested from North American.

In 1952 Union Electric joined with its future Ameren mate, the Central Illinois Public Service Company; and also with another later Ameren subsidiary, the Illinois Power Company, to form the Midwest Power Pool system.

In 1963 Union Electric completed construction of one of the largest pumped storage plants at that time, the then-350-megawatt Taum Sauk Plant, in Reynolds County, Missouri. Years later, in December 2005 a large section of the Taum Sauk upper reservoir failed, draining over a billion gallons of water in less than half an hour.

In 1984 Union Electric added nuclear energy, when the Callaway Nuclear Generating Station began providing 1,143 megawatts of power from Callaway County, Missouri.

In 1995 shareholders of both Union Electric Company and CIPSCO Inc. approved the merger of the two companies. The merger was completed on December 31, 1997, when the two companies became one as Ameren Corporation.MO-Missouri Utility Companies Electric Companies Specimen Pieces Female Subject Skyline Scene Globe Featured

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