Chase Manhattan Corporation (Working Proof)

Chase Manhattan Corporation (Working Proof)
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Chase Manhattan Corporation (Working Proof)

This item is an extremely rare American Bank Note Company working proof for a Chase Manhattan Corporation stock certificate.

Reference:   Working proofs were used during the American Bank Note pre-production process. Each piece details the intricacies of the old fashioned cut-and-paste method in which the designs were developed. The proof was subsequently circulated amongst American Bank Note Company officials and the executives of the customer (in this case Chase Manhattan) for editing and approval. The markings from this process are evident on the layers of the proof and the distribution folder as detailed by the images below. Once the approval and editing process was completed, the mass production of the certificate occurred for distribution to eventual shareholders. This unique item offers a glimpse into the bank note approval and printing process.

Item Contents:   Working proof (1 piece), mounted atop an ABN presentation board.
Presentation:   The presentation board measures 12 1/4" (w) x 9 (h).
Proof Sheet:   The main proof (pictured above) is covered by a clear layer with the working markings from the editing process. The picture below shows what the proof looks like with the layer pulled back:

Back Panel:   The back panel contains approval stamps as shown below:

Company History:   This venerable New York institution was established in 1799 as the Manhattan Company. Over the next 200 years, the company grew into a multi-national banking giant acquiring smaller banks like the Bank of Long Island, the First National Bank of Ozone Park, Greenpoint Bank of Brooklyn, First Bank of Whitestone, Bronx Borough Bank, Chase National Bank (which led to the name change to Chase Manhattan), and the Clinton Trust Company.

In 1996, Chase Manhattan merged with Chemical Bank. On December 31, 2000, Chase merged with JP Morgan Financial to become part of JP Morgan Chase.

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