Adolph Coors Company (Working Proof)

Adolph Coors Company (Working Proof)
Item# 4287coors

This item is an extremely rare American Bank Note Company working proof for a Adolph Coors Company stock certificate.

Reference:   Working proofs were used during the American Bank Note pre-production process. Each piece details the intricacies of the old fashioned cut-and-paste method in which the designs were developed. The proof was subsequently circulated amongst American Bank Note Company officials and the executives of the customer (in this case Adolph Coors) for editing and approval. The markings from this process are evident on the layers of the proof and the distribution board as detailed by the image below. Once the approval and editing process was completed, the mass production of the certificate occurred for distribution to eventual shareholders. This unique item offers a glimpse into the bank note approval and printing process.

Item Contents:   Working proof (1 piece), mounted on cardboard inside a blue American Bank Note folder.
Presentation:   This item is presented in an oversized, blue folder that measures 12 1/2" (w) x 8 1/2 (h), and is pictured below:

Proof Sheet:   The proof (pictured above) is mounted and contains various elements that have been cut and pasted into place.

Company History:   The Golden, Colorado based Adolph Coors Company was formerly a holding company controlled by the heirs of founder Adolph Coors. Its principal subsidiary was the Coors Brewing Company, which was founded in 1873.

In 2005, the company merged with Molson, Inc. to become the Molson Coors Brewing Company.

In 2007, the company created a joint venture with Miller Brewing Company, Inc. called MillerCoors.

On November 14, 1873, Adolph Coors and the Denver confectioner Jacob Schueler purchased the abandoned Golden City Tannery and converted it to the Golden Brewery. By February 1874 they were producing beer for sale. In 1880 Coors purchased Schueler's interest, and the brewery began its long run under the control of the Coors family. When Prohibition was begun in Colorado in 1916, Coors converted his brewery to make malted milk. The company also manufactured porcelain and ceramic products made from clay mined in Golden. The Coors Porcelain division has since split off, and is now known as CoorsTek.

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