Verde Apex Copper Mining Company

Verde Apex Copper Mining Company
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The Verde Apex Copper Mining Company were organized in 1900, with a capitalization of $3,000,000. Officers included President and Treasurer, John G. McBride (whose signature appears on this piece); Vice President, S. W. Thompson, and Secretary, Avery McDougall (whose signature also appears on this piece).

The property of the company consisted of six claims of about 90 acres, located in Yavapai county, Arizona. These claims were only 600 feet from the property owned by the United Verde, one of the greatest US copper companies of all time, and was later purchased by Phelps Dodge for a staggering (at the time) sum of over $20 million. The company claimed to have the same character of croppings on their property as the United Verde claim.

Among other properties in the vicinity, which were in the process of development at the time of the Verde Apex Copper claim, were the Brookshire and Cliff mines, owned and operated by Professor Treadwell, one of the locators of the United Verde.The Verde Apex property was about a mile south of Jerome, the terminus of the Verde & Pacific Railroad. The management of the company claimed that If a large body of ore was struck, a smelter would be built at the Verde River, a distant four miles from the mine. They expected their ore to average as high as that of the United Verde or about 10 percent.

Situated on the company’s property was the Mescal Gulch, which the company said would allow them to economically develop the claim by running a tunnel from the side of the gulch upward toward the apex of the hill.

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Certificate: Capital Stock, issued in the early 1900’s

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