Matador Oil Corporation

Matador Oil Corporation
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The Matador Oil Corporation was chartered in early 1927 in the state of Texas.

In May of 1930, John W. McGee, President of the Matador Oil Corporation and four other Amarillo businessmen were indicted in Federal Court on fraud charges in connection with the sale of oil stock. McGee (who has signed this piece), made the following statement after the indictment:

”I have nothing to hide and never have had. The operations at the company since I took charge here have been open and above board, and there have been no irregularities."

McGee took charge of the Matador Oil corporation in November of 1927. "This investigation," McGee continued, "resulted in a written statement by tho attorney general commending my honesty and sincerity in the management of the company. My records and books at all times have been open to inspection of the Federal and State authorities. I have assisted them in their investigations. I have endeavored at all times to protect the interest of the stockholders. There have been no irregularities in the operation of the company since I became president."

The Attorney General’s investigation, made in 1928, read "We have had several investigators working on thoe Matador Oil Corporation, and they have been very much impressed with the sincerity and honesty of Mr. John W. McGee, the President, and as a result of his earnest cooperation and endeavor to lay everything before them, they have not found anything which would reflect on his honesty or integrity."

No information could be located as to whether McGee ever went to trial.TX-Texas Oil Companies Scandals and Collapses Bird Featured Eagle Featured

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