Plays and Players (Famous Philadelphia Theatre Commpany)

Plays and Players (Famous Philadelphia Theatre Commpany)
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The Plays and Players Theater, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, remains one of the oldest nonprofessional theater companies in the United States, founded in 1911. The theater building was designed and constructed in 1912 by Philadelphia architect Amos W. Barnes as a dramatic school, but soon was used as a theater for Broadway tryouts, known as the Playhouse. The theater company Plays and Players bought the building in 1922 and has performed there ever since. Murals were added in 1923 by the American artist Edith Emerson.

Plays and Players was founded in 1911 at the Art Alliance as a private social club devoted to expanding and developing new theater experiences for and by its membership. Membership was an exclusive group of friends who commissioned works to be written and performed for charitable purposes. The first president, Maud Durbin Skinner, was the wife of American actor Otis Skinner, who performed upon the Delancey Street stage during its early history. Many other theatrical greats have acted here over the years, including John and Drew Barrymore, and Kevin Bacon. Plays and Players is very likely the community theater on which Philadelphia playwright George Kelly based his slapstick comedy The Torch Bearers. It is also the theater where the Broadway play Stalag 17 premiered.

By the 1950s the membership of the club was less exclusive and more representative of the Center City community, but performances were still only for members. In the 1960s, its productions were opened to the entire community. In the '70s, the Plays and Players Children's Theater was added to the schedule. In addition, the theater has hosted many other artistic endeavors, including the Drama Guild, Pocket Playhouse, Gilbert and Sullivan Players, American Music Theater, Philadelphia Theatre Company (PTC), and the Philadelphia Fringe Festival.PA-Pennsylvania Theatre and Live Productions Company Logo Featured

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