Balchem Corporation (LOT OF 7 PIECES)

Balchem Corporation (LOT OF 7 PIECES)
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Balchem Corporation was originally incorporated in Maryland in 1967. The company is now headquartered in New Hampton, New York>

The company has developed a technology that covers or encapsulates ingredients used in food and animal health products; the encapsulation improves nutritional value and shelf life and allows for controlled time release. Balchem also provides specialty gases such as ethylene oxide (used to sterilize medical instruments), propylene oxide (used to reduce bacteria in spice treating and chemical processing), and methyl chloride (a refrigerant). The company's unencapsulated feed ingredients unit (BCP Ingredients) supplies the nutrient choline chloride to poultry and swine farmers. Reashure, an encapsulated choline product, increases milk production in dairy cows.

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