Airtech International Group, Inc.

Airtech International Group, Inc.
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Airtech International Group was founded as Airtech International Inc. in Wyoming in 1994 by C. J. Comu and John Potter. The company started as a distributor of air purification products up until 1997, at which point in time the company decided to become an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Airtech produced a line of air purification systems for the car, home and commercial environments, including the aviation industry.

The company’s systems had the ability to destroy most all particle and gas compounds found in medical, industrial, hospitality and home health care environements. The company was the franchised under the brand "AirSoPure" with offices around the world, and was publicly traded on the Nasdaq Exchange. Some of the company’s clients included Denny’s Restaurants, Southwest Airlines, Boeing, Sikorsky Aircraft, Lockheed Martin and and Bell Helicopter.

In 2008, the company was investigated for committing fraud on “every aircraft manufacturer in the world” from 1997 to 2005, according to a September 2006 Army memo obtained by both the Project On Government Oversight and CBS News. In addition to committing fraud and paying bribes and kickbacks.

Key findings in the memo included:

    During the period Jan 1997 through Dec 2005, Airtech knowingly supplied nonconforming products to DOD prime contractors. These contractors made aircraft such as the US Air Force's C-17, F-18 and Joint Strike Fighter aircraft.

    Airtech at its own discretion, routinely changed the composition, the manufacturer or the manufacturing process of products without disclosure to its customer, which in most case would require requalification of the product. These products were originally qualified for safety concerns. Changes to the products or processes could result in contaminations to the end product, which could result in the loss of parts or safety issues if the part is put into use.

    Airtech violated the Anti Kickback Act by providing goods and services to employees of DOD contractors in exchange for preferential treatment on the purchase of its products. This included use of Airtech owner William Dahlgren’s condos in Las Vegas (known as “Highroller Haven”) and Hawaii.

After the Army’s investigation, independently the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) embarked on an investigation of Airtech in 2006, which did not substantiate findings against them. However, according to the FAA letter, on October 20, 2006, the FAA warned Airtech, whom the FAA had reason to believe engaged in criminal behavior, ahead of time about its investigation and then displayed great deference to what Airtech told them.WY-Wyoming Aviation and Aerospace Airplane Parts and Service HVAC and Related Under $10 Company Logo Featured

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