Ad-Photo Scope Company

Ad-Photo Scope Company
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Though incorporated in Delaware, the Ad-Photo Scope Company was based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

ThE Ad-photo-scope transformed the motion picture into a practical medium of expression for advertising, demonstration and education. It was entirely automatic and did not need an operator. It showed a continuous picture and could be used in a lighted room. Manufacturers of furniture were interested in it for two reasons. In factories it could be used to demonstrate safety devices and practices, as well as manufacturing operations. Also, in retail stores, films could be supplied showing the particular goods of the manufacturer, thus reaching the public. For example, items such as chairs or beds could be demonstrated by the means of a motion picture. The manufacturer would supply a dealer with a film, loan him a machine for a week or two, and the dealer would place it in the store window, where it would be constantly in the view of the public.

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