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The origins of this line date back to the formation of the Bellaire and Southern Railway Company. The first spike on the B&SW was driven on November 27, 1877 at Bellaire. It was to be a narrow gauge railroad (three feet wide, while standard is four foot eight and one-half inches wide). Formal opening was December 2, 1879. On December 5 the main office was moved from Bellaire to Woodsfield. Soon westward expansion from Woodsfield began.

On January 20, 1882 the Bellaire and Southwestern and the Zanesville and Southeastern were consolidated. The new railroad became known as the Bellaire, Zanesville and Cincinnati, thinking it would be eventually connected with the narrow gauge network in the southwestern part of the state. Bellaire and Zanesville were then connected by narrow gauge line 112 miles long and a yard wide. This railroad was soon called the Bent, Zig-Zag, and Crooked because of all of the curves and turns. The railroad had a little more than six miles of trestles. There were three tunnels on the line, the St. Clair, the Perryopolis, and the Standing Stone.

In 1902 the name was changed to the Ohio River and Western Railroad. It was later called by some people the Old Rusty and Wobbly.

Derailments and wrecks were quite numerous. Three trains were wrecked in just one afternoon, one falling into a stream and two in a collision. Model "T" Fords would sometimes get into the way too. Law suits were also quite frequent. Trainsmen and passengers sued for burning of their rail fences and hay stacks caused by sparks from the locomotives and the killing of their livestock. The company also got into the act by suing the stockholders for non-payment of their subscriptions, and for right of way.

The final run between Zanesville and Woodsfield was in 1928. Three years later the run between Woodsfield and Bellaire was also discontinued. On May 30, 1931 taps were sounded for the railroad.

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