Boston, Clinton, Fitchburg & New Bedford Railroad Company

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The Taunton Branch Railroad was incorporated in 1835 as a branch of the Boston and Providence Railroad from Mansfield to Taunton. It was built from 1835 to 1836, and operated at first by the B&P.; The New Bedford and Taunton Railroad was incorporated in 1838 as the Old Colony Railroad, changing its name in 1839 to the New Bedford and Taunton. Construction ran from 1839 into 1840, extending the line to New Bedford, at which time the Taunton Branch split from the B&P; and ran concurrently with the NB&T.; In Taunton was a short branch, known as the Weir Branch or Taunton River Branch, owned jointly by the two companies. In 1873 the two merged into one, forming the New Bedford Railroad.

On the other end of the eventual route, the Fitchburg and Worcester Railroad was chartered in 1846, organized in 1847, and built from 1848 to 1850, running from Fitchburg south to Sterling Junction on the Worcester and Nashua Railroad. At the time it was owned by the same company as the Worcester and Nashua.

The Boston and Worcester Railroad's Framingham Branch, running from Framingham on their main line northwest to Framingham Centre, opened in 1849. The Agricultural Branch Railroad was incorporated in 1847 and opened in 1855 from Framingham Centre to Northborough, and in 1866 the rest of the way to Pratt's Junction on the Fitchburg and Worcester. The Boston and Worcester leased the line beginning in 1853. Branches were also built to Marlborough and Lancaster Mills. The Agricultural Branch changed its name to the Boston, Clinton and Fitchburg Railroad in 1867, taking over the Framingham Branch from the Boston and Worcester, and in 1869 it merged the Fitchburg and Worcester into itself.

The final section was incorporated in 1867 and opened in 1870 as the Mansfield and Framingham Railroad, connecting the Boston, Clinton and Fitchburg at Framingham with the Taunton Branch at Mansfield. Since opening, the line was leased by the Boston, Clinton and Fitchburg, and in 1874 the newly-formed New Bedford Railroad was leased to the BC&F.; In 1876 the BCF and New Bedford merged to form the Boston, Clinton, Fitchburg and New Bedford Railroad, though the Mansfield and Framingham remained separate but leased. In 1879 the Old Colony leased the combined company, merging it into itself in 1883.

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