Chicago, Rock Island & El Paso Railway Company

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This line was incorporated "to construct, maintain and operate a line or lines of railroad and telegraph from a point of connection with the railroad of the Chicago, Rock Island and Mexico Railway Company on the boundary line between the State of Texas, and the Territory of New Mexico, in the County of Union, through the Counties of Union, San Miguel and Guadalupe to a point of connection with the railroad of the El Paso and Rock Island Railway Company in Guadalupe County, New Mexico at or near the Pecos River, in the vicinity of Santa Rosa, in said County, with such branches as the Board of Directors may from time to time determine to construct. The estimated length of the road is one hundred and fifteen (115) miles."On July 31, 1903 they purchased Chicago, Rock Island and Choctaw Railway Company and later sold the line to the Tucumcari and Memphis Railway Company on February 29, 1909. A year later, the CRI⪙ turned around and purchased Tucumcari and Memphis Railway Company.

The CRI⪙ was eventually sold to the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railway Company.

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