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The Chicago & St. Louis Railway Company was known originally in railroad circles as the "Hinckley road." About the year 1869, a Chicago promoter, named Francis C. Hinckley, associated with Philip B. Shumway and Colonel Ralph Plumb, and backed largely by Moses Taylor, president of the National City Bank of New York, had built a line from Streator to Pekin, a distance of about sixty-four miles. This was called the Chicago, Pekin & Southwestern railroad. In 1876 this road was extended northward about thirty miles to Maxon creek, near Coal City, the enterprise having been conducted under the name of the Chicago & St. Louis Railway Company. In 1881 these roads became involved in financial difficulties and, on May 10, 1882, both properties were reorganized under the name of the Chicago, St. Louis & Western Railroad Company. On January 1, 1884, this line was completed from Mazon bridge to Chicago, nearly seventy miles. More financial troubles ensued, and another reorganization took place, this time under the name of the Chicago & St. Louis Railway company, on January 1, 1885. The property of the Chicago, St. Louis & Western was transferred to the Chicago & St. Louis Railway company on May 1, 1885, and the latter named road was formally opened for traffic on December 21, 1885, only to pass to the Chicago, Santa Fe & California Railway company a year later.

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