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The original Cincinnati Northern Railroad Company was organized in June, 1897, to take over and operate the Ohio Division of the Cincinnati Jackson and Mackinaw Railway Company, from Franklin, Ohio to Addison Junction, Michigan, 187.53 miles, with branches from Lewisburg, Ohio, to Quarries 1.12 miles and Germantown, Ohio, to Distillery, 1.84 miles; total, 190.49 miles. On August 1, 1897, the company took possession of this property, and also acquired the line of the Jackson and Cincinnati Railroad Company, extending from Addison Junction, Michigan, to Jackson, Michigan, 17.65 miles; the, combined mileage of these two properties being 208.14 miles. The Cincinnati Northern road entered Cincinnati on the Cleveland Cincinnati Chicago and St Louis Railway over which it had trackage rights from Franklin Junction, Ohio, to Cincinnati, 38.40 miles, and at Jackson, Michigan, had trackage rights over the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway 1.22 miles, making total mileage operated 247.76 miles. The Cleveland Cincinnati Chicago and St Louis Railway Company eventually gained control of this line through ownership of a majority of the capital stock. Later, the line was operated under the New York Central umbrella.

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Cincinnati Northern Railroad Company
Cincinnati Northern Railroad Company
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