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Dreyfus was among the pioneers of mutual fund investing and remains one of the most recognizable names in the business. The firm's origin dates back to 1947, when legendary investor Jack Dreyfus founded a brokerage house in New York City named Dreyfus & Co.

In 1951, attracted by the concept of mutual funds, Dreyfus & Co. purchased a small management company named John G. Nesbett & Co., Inc. with a small common stock fund called The Nesbett Fund Incorporated. Nesbett & Co. was renamed The Dreyfus Corporation, and The Nesbett Fund became The Dreyfus Fund Incorporated.

Going public in 1965, Dreyfus was among the first money management firms to tap into the stock market for additional capital.

In 1972, Dreyfus moved to the forefront of socially responsible investing by creating The Dreyfus Third Century Fund, Inc. It invests in companies that not only meet traditional investment standards, but also conduct business in a manner that is believed to contribute to a better quality of life.

In 1976, Dreyfus was among the first fund companies to introduce an incorporated tax-exempt municipal bond fund.

In the 1950s, the Dreyfus lion became the symbol of The Dreyfus Corporation and its family of funds. In 1957, Dreyfus became the first mutual fund company to launch a retail advertising campaign. Breaking from traditional "tombstone" mutual fund advertising, the lion made his debut on television emerging from a subway station and striding down Wall Street.

Later on, Dreyfus again stepped away from the pack when it published a full-color prospectus as a supplement to The New York Times. These advertisements were so distinctive that they received national press coverage. The lion continues to appear in Dreyfus advertising today and remains one of the most recognizable corporate trademarks in the United States.

In 1994, Dreyfus completed its landmark merger with Mellon Bank Corporation, and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Mellon Financial Corporation. The merger, a milestone in the history of financial services in the United States, was at the time the largest-ever combination of a bank and mutual fund company.

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