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The Gulf & Chicago Railway Company was organized in 1903, under the laws of Mississippi, with authority to construct a railroad from the Town of Decatur, Mississippi, in a general northerly direction, through the County of Pontotoc, and through the State of Mississippi to the Tennessee line. At the time of the organization of such railway company, there was in existence from the Town of Pontotoc, Mississippi, to the Town of Middleton, Tennessee, a narrow gauge road, which was operated by the Gulf & Chicago Railroad Company, a corporation under the laws of Mississippi. The railroad company was bound to continue and preserve intact throughout its entire length the narrow gauge road, and the Gulf & Chicago Railway Company and its lessee, the Mobile, Jackson & Kansas City Railroad Company, hereafter called the Mobile Company, were in turn bound to so continue and preserve intact the said line, "broadened and standardized as was stipulated in the articles of consolidation hereinafter set forth." Prior to the sixth of July, 1903, the Gulf & Chicago Railway Company and the Gulf & Chicago Railroad Company, with other railroad companies, were consolidated under the name of the Gulf & Chicago Railway Company.

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