Hayden, Stone & Company was a major securities firm and was at one point considered to be the third largest "wire-house" in the country behind only Merrill Lynch and Bache & Company.

It was founded by Charles Hayden of the Hayden Planetarium and Galen L. Stone.

In 1970, Hayden, Stone got into financial trouble along with most of the other large securities firms. It was taken over by Cogan, Berlin, Weill & Levitt and became CBWL-Hayden, Stone. That firm was then taken over by Shearson, Hammill and became Shearson, Hayden Stone. That firm was then taken over by American Express and became Shearson American Express.

Thus, the one time most distinguished name in Wall Street of Hayden, Stone was finally swept into the dust-bin of history

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