Herkimer & Mohawk Street Railroad Company

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This company was another of the numerous trolley lines that flourished near Utica, New York.

Herkimer is a suburb of Utica and was incorporated in 1807. In 1700, the region then was part of the domain of the mighty Mohawks of the Iroquois. Winding paths through the wilderness and the Mohawk River provided the only means of linking one Mohawk village to another. The first arrival of the Palatine Germans in New York State was in August 1708 and in the Mohawk Valley as early as 1720, with the advance guard arriving at Herkimer in 1722. Soon after 1722, a blockhouse and a church were erected in Herkimer village, the church being on the site of the present Reformed Church. A schoolhouse was erected 23 years afterward.

Because the population comprised mostly Germans and because of the rather flat topography, the area became known as “German Flatts.” Perhaps ironically, the state mismatched the Town of Herkimer's charter with the Town of German Flatts. Herkimer is relatively flat, while German Flatts -- which comprises the nearby villages of Ilion and Mohawk -- is quite hilly.

The community developed peacefully until the outbreak of the French and Indian War. Herkimer at that time was known as “Palatine village." Palatine became a battlegrounds of sorts when it became the site of a massacre. In 1758, the settlement on the south side of the river near the fort was attacked, and about 30 settlers were killed. General Nicholas Herkimer was in command of the fort, and he collected within the fort all the settlers he could gather.

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