Illinois Terminal Railroad Company

Illinois Terminal Railroad Company
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The Illinois Terminal was a unique railroad. It served Illinois and St. Louis, Missouri from 1895 to 1981, successfully making the transition from a collection of street railroads to one of the Midwest's premier interurbans, the Illinois Traction System. Later, as it continued to grow and absorb several St. Louis area switching railroads, it evolved into the well-run Class 1 railroad, Illinois Terminal. Over its lifetime, it survived two World Wars and the Great Depression to evolve from an electrically operated interurban closely associated with the electric utility industry to an electric, steam, battery and diesel powered railroad and finally to a completely dieselized freight-only railroad. Yet, even during much of its six-axle locomotive era, the IT snaked through its territories on aging, 90 pound interurban rails. On its own, it outlasted such great railroads as the New York Central, Pennsylvania, Northern Pacific, Wabash and a score of others.

Regardless of the era studied, the Illinois Terminal did it like no other line; and generally did it with style and panache. Parlor cars sported mahogany and Spanish leather. Its electric freight motors, whether in Brewster green or "traction orange", were distinctly IT. And, even the "typical" was atypical on the Illinois Terminal. GP7's wore an eye catching green and yellow paint scheme when black and white was the norm, if not the rule.

On May 8, 1982, the Illinois Terminal passed out of existence.

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