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The Little Miami was incorporated on March 11, 1836 and its first president, who served without pay, was Jeremiah Morrow, governor of Ohio. The first meeting to sell stock was held at Linton's Hotel, Waynesville, Ohio, May 13, 1836; the second on June 2, 1836 in Xenia.

By the end of 1841, the road was open from Cincinnati to Milford along the Little Miami River and preparations had been made to lay rails north along the river to Fosters, Ohio. The first train ran December 14, 1841 from Cincinnati to Milford, making the journey in about ninety minutes.

The road's surveyors ran a route along the Little Miami River past what would become the Peters Cartridge Company at Kings Mills to South Lebanon and thence up Turtle Creek to Lebanon, Ohio and thence Waynesville. However, at a grade of thirty-three feet to the mile, it was too steep for locomotives then available. The city of Lebanon pleaded for the company to reconsider but the route was instead laid along the river to what would become the towns of Morrow, Fort Ancient (where the gorge is 300 feet (91 m) deep and where the Jeremiah Morrow Bridge today stands), Mathers Mills, Oregonia, and to Waynesville (which was on the opposite shore). This country even today is sparsely populated. Had the directors waited just a few years, more powerful locomotives that could have climbed the grades became available.

The road was pushed northward and the line to Xenia opened in August 1845. From there, a branch was built to link to the Columbus and Xenia Railroad, its partner. The two companies merged their operations, but not corporations, November 30, 1853. By 1856, the Little Miami had one hundred sixteen and one-quarter miles of track and the C&X; sixty-three and one-quarter.

The Hillsboro and Cincinnati Railroad was chartered in 1846 to run a line between Hillsboro and O'Bannon Creek in Loveland on the Little Miami's route. By 1850, the H&C; had completed the thirty-seven miles to Hillsboro, Ohio. The H&C; would lease its line in perpetuity to the Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad and ultimately became the mainline of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. The Little Miami Railroad leased in perpetuity all assets of the C&X; on March 18, 1869 while the C&X; continued to exist as a separate corporation. At that time, the LMRR had 123.49 miles (198.74 km) of track and the C&X; 75.33. It would later acquire forty-two miles of Dayton and Western Railroad track by lease in 1864 and sixteen and one-half miles from the Dayton and Xenia Railroad.

The Little Miami joined the Cincinnati and Indiana Railroad in 1862 in building track along the riverfront in Cincinnati to link their two depots. The LMRR and the C&X; then bought the Dayton, Xenia and Belpre Railroad in January 1865.

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