The Mahoning & Shenango Railway & Light Company operated the lines of the New Castle Electric Street Railway Company and the New Castle & Mahoningtown Street Railway Company, as well as The New Castle & Lowell Railway Company, a line extending from New Castle to Lowellville in the State of Ohio, where it connected with the Mahoning Valley system extending to Struthers, Haselton, Youngstown, Niles, Warren and Leavittsburg; and the Sharon & New Castle Street Railway Company extending from New Castle to Hubbard, Ohio, where it connected with the Youngstown & Sharon Railway Company.

The power plant of the Mahoning & Shenango Valley Railway & Light Company was built in 1895 on North Street by the New Castle Electric Company. Their equipment then was five 150-H.P. Buckeye engines, driving three 80-light Wood arc machines, two 75-K.W. single-phase alternations, one 75-K.W. D.C. power generator, and two 200-H.P. boilers. Since that time the plant has been enlarged by the installation of two 250-K.W. engine-driven railway generators; one 300-K.W. engine-driven railway generator; two 1,000-K.W. Parsons steam turbine; two 75-K.W. engine-driven exciters; one 500-K.W. railway motor generator set; one 200-K.W. railway motor generator set; one complete Albergen surface condensing plant; five 250-H.P. water tube boilers.

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