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In 1863, the Pennsylvania Railroad, authorized to assist railroads auxiliary to its own, furnished 81.8 percent of the capital needed to build and operate the Mifflin & Centre County Railroad Company. The M&CC; branch extended seven miles north from Lewistown Junction, Granville Township, through Lewistown borough, to Reedsville. The railroad would bridge the river gap between the PRR main line and Lewistown, to capture the business of the Logan Iron & Steel Works and the Freedom Iron Works (the predecessor of Standard Steel Works) in Burnham, a community on the northern outskirts of Lewistown. Immediately upon completion of the M&CC; in 1865, the Pennsy took control of it, and extended the road another 5.4 miles north from Reedsville to Milroy by 1868, and began to serve the Naginey limestone quarries as well.

At that time there was alot of railroad talk in Belleville, and it is thought that a few of the future KV directors confronted the railroad with the proposition of extending a line through the valley.

The Pennsy, however, bit off more than it could chew. The M&CC; road was originally surveyed north into Milesburg, Centre County, and the right-of-way was fully secured, but it never built beyond Milroy because of the mounting costs. This must have greatly dampened its appetite for further expansion in the area, and any plans of pushing these PRR rails into either Centre County or Kishacoquillas Valley were soon forgotten.

In 1928, the KV took over from the PRR, passenger service between Reedsville and Lewistown. At that time passenger service was discontinued from Milroy. The Pennsy continued running freight along the line and therefore continued to maintain the track and roadway. The KV made regular stops between Reedsville and Lewistown, except for Yeagertown and Walnut street which were flag stops.

The rails of the old M&CC; were torn up by Conrail in the early 1980's between Milroy and Burnham. In January 1996, Conrail put up for sale its "Lewistown Cluster" (the old M&CC; and the S&LR; lines). The SEDA-COG Joint Rail Authority purchased them and created the Juniata Valley Railroad. This little railroad with its tuscan red SW8 locomotive, reminiscent of the old PRR from years gone by, still travels between Burnham and Lewistown where it connects with the Norfolk Southern, delivering material to and from the Standard Steel Works.

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