Millstone & New-Brunswick Railroad Company

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The Millstone and New Brunswick Railroad was chartered to run from New Brunswick as branch from the Camden and Amboy to the Millstone River at Millstone. It opened on December 19th, 1854. The total length was 6.68 miles.

In 1873, a connection was made with the Mercer & Somerset. This connection allowed through trains to run to the Bel-Del along the Delaware River. This relationship lasted on a short time as the Mercer & Somerset was abandoned in 1880.

Along the way to Millstone, it passed through several small farming villages. However, this area of the state was not as sparsely populated as most of New Jersey, covering area between the Revolutionary towns of New Brunswick and Princeton - meaning this railroad actually had access to on-line revenue opportunities.

The M&NB; had a stable business and even carried its share of passenger traffic. It maintained stations at Vorhees (Rt 518 & Churchille Ave), Clyde (Clyde Rd, south of Rt 514), Middlebush (Railroad Ave), East Millstone. At East Millstone a small yard and limited facilities existed.

The Millstone & New Brunswick ended its independent corporate existence in 1871 under the presidency of Martin A. Howell, when it was leased by the United Jersey Railroad companies, which became part of the Pennsylvania Railroad under a annual rental of 6%.

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