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The Kansas City, St. Joseph & Council Bluffs Railroad was the outgrowth of several consolidations. In 1853 the Legislature chartered the Platte Country Railroad. In 1857 the Legislature granted $700,000 in aid of the road, and extended its charter to the northern boundary of the State. Under this charter it was built to Savannah in 1860, and graded to Forest City. The Atchison & St. Joseph Railroad Company was chartered in 1855, but the company was not organized until 1858, when subscriptions were made and contracts for grading the road were let, the grading being completed by July 1, 1859. Then the Atchison & Weston Railroad was incorporated and the road located and graded. The Weston & Atchison and the Atchison & St. Joseph Railroad companies now transferred their road beds, franchises and right of way to the Platte Country Railroad Company, so that the railroad was completed and in operation from St. Joseph to Atchison by January, 1860, and trains were running through Weston by April 4, 1861. In 1864 the State seized the roads for non-payment of interest on bonds, but the Legislature in 1867 released them on condition of reorganization under the style of the Missouri Valley Railroad and its completed to the Iowa line at Hopkins. The road from Council Bluffs to Hamburg, Iowa, fifty-two miles, was completed in 1867, and a gap of seventy-nine miles remained. The road was called the Council Bluffs & St. Joseph Railroad. In 1870 all these roads were consolidated under the title of the Missouri Valley Railroad, the entire line from Council Bluffs to Kansas City being put under one management. After the road was completed to Hopkins, the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad Company built a connecting branch from Creston, Iowa, and this direct communication with Chicago was opened. In 1871 the Legislature authorized the Missouri Valley Railroad Company to change the route from St. Joseph through Jimtown to Savannah, which afforded a more direct route.

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