Mobile Light & Railroad Company

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In 1893, Mobile's first electric street car line began operation. Ironically enough, the first passenger on Mobile's first electric street car was not even a resident of the city, the state, or the region. He was Charles James - a resident of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. J. Howard Wilson, the president of the Mobile Light and Railroad Company, preserved Mr. James' fare -five cents - in a tiny wooden box along with a newspaper clipping reporting the electric street car's premier. By 1939, the city's street railway system had expanded to include 50 route miles. At this time, a few buses were being operated as well as the electric street car, with an agreement between Mr. Wilson and the city that the replacement of street cars by buses would happen gradually. Despite this agreement, the National City Lines acquired a controlling interest in the Mobile Light & Railway Company after Mr. Wilson's death and quickly replaced all street cars with buses.

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